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Building our Brand

 Many items will soon be available on our site.  Right now, we are focusing on pictures of each item that will be available in our shop!  Come back soon to see our amazing line of handmade earrings and necklaces.  Our candles are also handmade and represent natural healing and well-being. 


Professional Customer Service

Heartfelt Moments would like to create WOW moments everyday!  We provide excellent customer service that will leave you with a warm heart.  Let us help you find the perfect gift that will make your friends and family smile with a genuine glow!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by the products we sell.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will be there to help. 


Our Candle Collection

We have developed our own 100% Soy Fragrance Candle line! 

We hand mix the soy candle wax and fragrance, then hand pour each of our 8 oz. jars one at a time! We have recently added fragrance tea lights to our collection.  We make the candles in batches of twelve 8 oz. jars; therefore, the coloring of each grouping of fragrance may differ slightly.

We have 10 different fragrance combinations in our collection, each with a special meaning.


Our Message

Everyone matters and every opinion counts. We stand against bullying and are advocates for mental health.  

Heartfelt Moments is about creating WOW moments everyday!  Let us help you find the perfect gift that will make your friends and family smile with a genuine glow!


Meet the Owner/Designer

All our jewelry is handmade by the owner, Marie Bey.  Marie taught herself how to make jewelry by watching others and adding her own decorating style to her designs.  She loves to create items that will warm the heart.  There's no better feeling than seeing a genuine smile and graciousness in others.  

Marie grew up working craft shows with her family.  After doing craft shows, Marie's Mom opened her own store selling Tole and Decorative Painting supplies and offering painting classes.  

Marie has a passion for anti-bullying and mental health awareness.  Her bachelors degree is in Business Administration.  In 2013, she earned her Masters Degree in Education Administration with a concentration in Educational Leadership.  In 2013, her thesis was called "Bullying and School Safety". In addition to her M.Ed., she has earned over 30 credit hours in the mental health field.  In total, she has eight (8) years of research and writing experience on the topic of bullying and it's impact on everyone.   

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We stand against bullying and are advocates for mental health.   Your contributions will enable us to provide support for anti-bullying efforts in our local schools.  We are in Harnett County, NC and several schools need our help!

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